Embassy of Internet

The Embassy of Internet is calling for Ambassadors.

What is an Ambassador of Internet?

An Ambassador of Internet is a figure that contributes actively in the representation of the Internet and addresses issues related to it.

Who can be an Ambassador of Internet?

Anyone is encouraged to apply, since one of the main goals of the Embassy of Internet is to represent and support the people of Internet in their diversity.

What does the Ambassador of Internet do?

An Ambassador of Internet has complete freedom to write, perform, create or conceive anything she/he likes as long as it concerns the topic of the Internet. The Embassy of Internet will function as a hosting environment for the outcomes produced by the Ambassador.

For how long does an Ambassador of Internet stay in charge?

The mandate for an Ambassador of Internet has the duration of two weeks. After this period, the Ambassador will nominate her/his successor from the list of applicants.

Do you want to be an Ambassador of Internet?

Interested candidates are invited to complete the online application below with their name, email, and a short proposal.